Idols South Africa (SA) 2012 Season 8

Idols SA Winners…
Heinz Winckler, Anke Pietrangeli, Karin Kortje, Jody Williams, Sasha Lee Davids, Jason Hartman, Elvis Blue, Dave Van Vuuren

Are you next? If you are a singer and you believe that you have what it takes to become South Africa’s 2012 Idol then you will have an opportunity to audition for Idols SA  in the following audition cities:

South African citizens between the ages of 16 and 30 are eligible to enter Idols. Those younger than 18 have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian and all contestants will be asked to present their ID documents at the registration, which will take place on the day of auditioning.

Musical instruments will again be allowed in the audition room.

It looks like the auditions are only limited to the 4 above cities this year… SAD. Im sure there are going to be many disappointed people.

48 Responses to Idols South Africa (SA) 2012 Season 8

  1. Deon Herbst says:

    Dear Sir Madam,

    My daughter would like to enter this years idols however she only turns 16 in May this year. I will accompany her throughout –

    Will she be able to enter?

    Deon Herbst

    • admin says:

      Hi Deon. Sadly not. She has to be 16 on the day of the audition to enter. Mnet is very strict when it comes to the rules. She will only be able next year.

  2. Jill Stuart says:

    My niece is not a full SA citizen, but does carry a ID book and is a permanent resident. This is due to the fact that she was born in the US and that country does not allow dual citizenship! Thomis has lived most of her life in SA and is a multi talented musician and singer. Is there no chance she can enter Idols?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jill. If she carries a South African ID document I dont see why she cant enter… But I am not Mnet so i cant be sure… Best is to confirm with them.


  3. Waone says:

    Can one enter Idols twice in one year but in differ
    ent venues?

  4. haley says:

    Hi I just turned 16 so I don’t have an I.d can I still enter idols.

  5. faure botha says:

    Hi My name is Faure I realy want to come forr the auditions but I’m in Gauteng will there be more in gauteng wat can I di

  6. nazmira says:

    hey my best friend wants to enter does she need a special from or anything???

  7. Wesley says:

    Hi there, a little confused with the age limit. I am 30 now, turning 31 in september, am I above the age limit? tx

    • admin says:

      Wesley, As long as you are not 31 on the day of the Audition, you will be ok.

      • mac says:

        It will be great if the age-limit be put to 35 so that some of us who are realizing and working on our dreams can also join in and audition,please let the limit be between 33-35

  8. Renier Venter says:

    Good day I’am currently 30 years of age and turning 31 in July the 14 do I still qualify to audition

  9. Renier Venter says:

    How late the 25th in Soweto will the doors be opening and if you are there first will you be seen first

  10. Ceaser says:

    Were these dates the last of 2012 or will there be other auditions this year and if so when and where?

  11. Mary Subhan says:

    Hi after watching the American idols I find the three judges on idols very infantile, they are not there to groom and find talent.
    They appear to be on a mission to destroy some of these young people, as adults we should be building our youth not destroy them.
    At least commend these young people for their bravery whether they can sing or not.
    Do not resort to cruelty to entertain paying mnet subscribers

  12. Mary Subhan says:

    Please ask the judges to to portray more humanistic behaviour at present they are cruel and infantile

  13. patience says:

    Good day i just want to ask why cant we also have auditions in mpumalanga and have to go all the way to joburg,kzn and cape town

  14. Storm says:


    I am South African by heritage. I live in Zimbabwe though but want to get my SA passport through ancestry so i can enter idols SA.

    Would i be allowed to do this with an SA passport and citizenship, yet my place of residence is in Zimbabwe?

  15. Nico Kruger says:

    Hi im from namibia but was born in south africa have an south african birth certificate and my namibian id says place of birth South Africa and im looking to enter next year will i be able to audition

  16. Luyanda M says:

    Wow I love Khaya Mthethwa audition he can sing he have a sweet voice.

  17. vukani v.k says:

    I’m from KZN and I’m 18 years old. I’ve so wanted to enter on idols but I didn’t know how to enter. I know it late now but would you please at least contact me so that I could enter the idols 2013 my email address is or send me a letter via a post on P.O Box 11390, Esikhawini, 3887.
    My regards.

  18. cathy says:

    hi there, im 32 this year— i just wanted to ask why the idols age limit was set at 30?? i feel so robbed of the opportunity to share my talent. i wish this age limit could change and idols could give us ’32 year olds’ an opportunity to express our vocal talent too:-(

  19. charlotte says:

    r der any ada auditions cumin dz year

  20. Mzwakhe says:

    Hi there I just need to know if you guys are going to give us a chance next

  21. Anonymous says:

    I get worried day after day from watching Idos SA. I think it is great a platform which provides our kids with an opportunuty to breakthrough into the music industry. However, my concern is that it appears from the judging that black people have to be 15 times better than their white counterparts to have a shot at the title.

    I have watched with concern the sending away of some good black singers who did not make it into top 16 or 18. Yet their white counterparts who are not as good as they are made the cut.

    My greatest worry is that this will continue to instill in our kids the mind set that whites are superior to blacks which is not the case. I understand that there is most probably a perception that Idols might not generate as much revenue if the ratio was not balanced between black and white contestants , however it is the inscription of the idea that whites are superior than blacks, which Iam uncomfortable with, particular given the fact the greatest battle we are faced with as black parents is to instill that equilibrium mentality within our black kids.

    This is really of great concern to me.

  22. Devon says:

    hi there
    i wana do idols next year and yeah just wana know how it works ?? and also every single person that wants to audition can they ? or is there only a certain amount that get chosen to audition ??

  23. Melusi says:

    Hi i wanna enter idols for 2013. I stay in Pietermaridzburg,kzn. I would like to knw when ar the auditions coming to Durban and where about in Durban.

  24. Luyanda Mgalonkulu says:

    I really am in love with Idols and at school I have the oppurtunity to do a personal project which I have decided to do on Idols. I can sing very well and I am currently 15 going 16 in september, I am worried because after I read the rules I realised I was too young but I need this break, I only have a year to do it and by the time I am the correct age this would have passed. My question is, can I go to Idols to experience what the contestents experience (MY TOPIC) so that I can be able to carry out my project. Please can you kindly contact me:, I will really appreciate it.

  25. Raees says:

    Just wanted to find out when does 2013 auditions start,and what will you need to enter or do I just come there and fill the things out on the day..

    • admin says:

      Not too sure when the next one is, But am sure you will hear about it in the Media, And yes, you just pitch up and sing!

  26. Leeann-Magdalene Devar says:


    I just started working with an amazing young lady with a voice of an angel, when do season 9 AUDITIONS OPEN?

  27. mac says:

    Hi Im 32 years old and i feel that age limit is very sad,coz some of us are now realizing and working on our dreams,and it will be of greatness if the age limit be 35,this is very painfull for me as i have a vocal trainer who says i have an amazing voice but now i cant share it with everyone because of that please i beg you increase the limit :-(

  28. Deanka Govender says:

    Could you please give me the dates for idols 2013 auditions. I cant seem to find them on the net

    Many Thanks

  29. Olga says:

    Will the additions ever be held in Port Elizabeth again or have they just put a stop to it because people in the Eastern Cape will have to drive far to just addition..


  30. Apollo says:

    I am turning 16 next year (2013) but only on april 1st will I be able to enter still?

  31. odwa says:

    I have a friend she is 19 years old. She wants to enter idols but she thinks sho won’t be eccepted because of how she looks.. Sh is an albino, so I just want to know if she can enter or not.. She has an amazing voice.
    Thank you

  32. CC says:

    Morning, Please can you let us know when and where the next SA Idols season 9, for 2013 will be held.

    We checked – its not on any web site….

    Many Thanks

  33. melodie says:

    hi, i would just like to know when the auditions for idols 2013 will be held? as well as where? thanks

  34. SAMUKELO says:



  35. SAMUKELO says:


  36. Zintle Ntlama says:

    hello I would like to know when are the auditions for season 9 of Idols in Johannesburg. Please reply on the following e-mail and thank you in advance

  37. Modise violet says:

    I would like to come an audition for SA idols 2013 i know that i can do it….i am modise violet from vaalpark in free state and um 18 yrs old

  38. Modise violet says:

    I would like to come an audition for SA idols 2013 ..i am 18 yrz old girl from vaalpark in the free state near vanderbijlpark

  39. thapelo says:

    hey there i just want to know about the 2013 auditions,i want to audition but i cant find info anywhere on the can email me the dates and venues on: u….

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